Thursday, August 20, 2009

Basic premise

I figured I'd post an entry just summarizing the basic premise of my thesis. Here at SCAD we're required to have a written component and a visual component. So essentially we have to write a paper about some concept, then demonstrate that in our film.

My paper is about how gastronomy can be used as conflict in the animated narrative (yeah, it's a bit of a mouth full). Basically I'm researching how food can exemplify cultural conflict, and can be combined with other cultural (and language) difference to create, heighten, or represent conflict in animation.

This has been done a lot in film, but not so much in animation. As this progresses I'll post more stuff about the research- films, narrative device, realities of gastronomy, etc. This has actually been a really interesting topic to research.

As for the film portion of it, I'm taking that concept and building a story around it. An American tourist finds himself in a Japanese sushi bar. There is immediate animosity coming from the elderly chef- who speaks no english, is distrustful of foreigners, and is deeply rooted in tradition. The tourist persists in committing social faux pas (unwittingly) and increasingly agitates the chef. The story is about how the tourist tries to atone for his cultural ignorance, and how both characters try to overcome various cultural, language, and age barriers.

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